ShampooMattersHeader surveyed 1,000 travelers around the world to find out which in-room amenities people care about most. Coming in hot at number one was free Wifi – no surprise there. The second was a bathroom shower. With the shower, which after a long day of travel can feel like an oasis in the desert, comes: soap, body wash, conditioner, lotion, and of course, shampoo.

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Ah, shampoo. I have loved you for as long as I can remember. I still have very strong and positive smell memories associated with the shampoos of my childhood. But shampoo can be more than just a way to get clean. Your hotel’s shampoo brand is one of the most important selections to make, and according to Business Journal, research shows that guests would be willing to pay more for higher-quality bathroom products. Here’s why your hotel’s brand of shampoo matters:

1.) Personal care amenities are the only things you will offer your guests that will be used on – and absorbed into – their bodies! Choosing a high-quality product that was manufactured safely in the USA is an easy way to send a “we care about your body and your health” message to your guests. Shampoos formulated with parabens, petroleum, paraffin, diethanolamine, mineral oil, and other harsh ingredients will leave you with a dry scalp, damaged hair, or even a bad reaction. Your guests deserve something with naturally-derived ingredients and gentle, neutral smells to please and nourish their skin and hair

2.) Details matter and your savvy guests are paying attention like never before. Your shampoo (and other products on the bathroom counter) can elevate your hotel brand image and strengthen your brand story. A thoughtfully selected personal care brand will be an extension of your hotel’s brand and this cohesive experience will help guests feel confident in their hotel experience. Think about the main motivators in choosing high-quality, and environmentally-sound products for YOUR guests. Maybe it’s giving your guest the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping the hotel make a smaller environmental impact. Perhaps it’s to ensure guests are exposed to fewer chemicals. How about to highlight your support of locally created products? Talk to your branding and purchasing teams about this important element and the “why” behind it.

3.) How you package shampoo for your guest can boost your hotel’s eco-friendly campaign and overall message in a few ways. “In room products and amenities say so much about the hotel and give guests a great insight into the experience they can expect to have not only in the bathroom but throughout the hotel as a whole” said Sarah McCubbin, founder and managing director of boutique consultancy Pebble&co in an interview with BigHospitality. One way hotels can send the “we care about you, Earth!” message is by trading in the individual, 1-ounce bottles of product for refillable dispensers. Dispensers have become one of the industry’s fastest growing market trends, create minimal waste by being reusable and/or recyclable, and reduce your hotel’s carbon footprint by using fewer natural resources in manufacturing and transportation. Even more, your guests enjoy having ample supply of personal care products and the convenience of use (no freezing, dripping sprint from the shower to the sink when you forgot to bring in the shampoo) while recognizing and appreciating the environmental benefit.

4.) Bigger than your hotel brand, bigger than your guests’ individual experience is something else. Your shampoo choice can impact your local environment and water supply in a big way. Synthetic chemical compounds often found in commercial soaps and shampoo persist longer in the environment than natural compounds. These compounds are increasingly being found in natural lakes and rivers where they can affect the growth of aquatic habitats and marine life. So let’s zoom out. If an average hotel in the US has about 115 rooms and one guest taking a shower per room per day, and the US has approximately 5 million hotels, that’s 575 million tiny bottles of chemicals PER DAY running down the hotel shower drain and into the water. When you’re looking at that tiny bottle on your counter, it really doesn’t seem like much. But the impact is so much greater than we can imagine, and per folks at the Harvard Gazette, it’s catching up with us. And that’s just in the US – think about all the hotel showers all over the world! *cue vertigo* If the hotel concept itself is inherently wasteful (single-use everything), then we should be trying as much as possible to ensure we’re making small changes – because they add up to make a huge difference.

Obviously, Hotel Shampoo matters to Marietta. It’s pretty much all we talk about around here (LOL). Joking aside, this decision can significantly impact your guests individual experience and hair health, their overall impression of your hotel brand and your business’ environmental impact. Offering your guests a Marietta brand shows you care about your their individual experience and health, and will highlight your business’ eco-friendly leadership while supporting USA manufacturing. Choose wisely!​