Happy woman showing white banner

“Aspects of Marietta Hospitality’s differentiators – Made in USA, Sustainability, Quality, and Reliability”

Happy woman showing white banner

Gone are the days of slick marketing tricks and gullible consumers. Today’s buyers are intelligent and they are pulling back the curtain on major brands by asking tough questions and demanding transparency. Today’s Consumers are more connected and informed than ever and because of it they are holding companies to higher standards. Smart brands are responding by getting real.

Here at Marietta, we know it’s not enough just to have pretty packaging and a good price point.  Modern consumers research their brands and want to know who they are, where they come from and what their values are. Most anyone can fabricate a slick brand image, but what does your company stand for?  So we asked ourselves:In a sea of seamless aesthetic styling, and plethora of personal care brands, how do we stand out? We believe the answer is telling the truth while continually perfecting and cultivating our process to remain authentic, thoughtful and compassionate to our consumers. So, how do we remain authentic?

We start at home.

From start to finish, we handle every step of the process at home in our USA facility. That includes everything from having the right brand partners, crafting fragrance/ formulation to lab testing for safety and quality. We strive to maintain our standard of excellence from a quality control perspective and by reducing our energy usage and resource expenditure.

“Marietta owns FDA regulated facilities that recognized brand partners are comfortable to support allowing us to provide our customers with the best brands in the industry.Having our manufacturing facilities in the USA allows us to provide the highest fill rate levels in the industry as we have control of the supply channel as well as provide our customers with quality products they can trust.”
– Melissa Giamichael, VP of Business Development

We remain dedicated to sustainability and our impact on the environment.

“Marietta is making its products more ethically and environmentally friendly. Initiatives like making their products free from animal testing and committing to never use “conflict minerals” or ingredients that are retrieved by destroying natural habitats are just few of the company’s implementations.”
– Adrian Buzea, Regulatory Affairs Associate

Read more on our green practices here https://mariettahospitality.blog/2017/04/20/3-small-ways-marietta-goes-green-for-big-impact/

With consistency and integrity, there is reliability.

By working with the largest selection of trusted brands and staying true to our values, we can assure our customers the quality and service they expect.

We recognize that authenticity is earned not by ‘what we say we are’ but what our customers say we are! And the word on the street is spot on!